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Mckenzie Therapy

Mckenzie is excellent for patients who have been diagnosed with disc herniation or neck, back, and low back pain due to improper posture.  

Personal physiotherapy in your home

At your request, Pre-andPost-surgical rehabilitation can be planed in your home. In addition to rehabilitation the physiotherapist will pay attention on prevention, as well as preparation for surgery.

Musculoskeletal examination

The basic techniques of the musculoskeletal system exam are observation, palpation, and manipulation. A complete physical therapy treatment plan can alleviate and reduce common causes of pain and improve muscle strength, joint stability, flexibility, and circulation. Which, in turn, can enhance the quality of life. 

Sport Physiotherapy

The aim of rehabilitation is to achieve the maximum functional improvement of the patient's condition:

-damaged tissues must regain their original function
-for this, we need to achieve the best muscle strength, stability and free joint movement.

Medical Flossing

Compression therapy with floss tape and floss training with various movements. The band is wound directly on the injured limb or area with appropriate tension and then moved (mobilization, reinforcement, stretching).

Effects of therapy:

- accelerates tissue healing,
- increase in range of motion,
- analgetic effect

Dorn therapy and Breuss Massage

This method is ideal for those who suffer from disc related problems and scoliosis. The goal of Dorn therapy is to restore the normal physiological state. Extremely effective treatment for vertebral blocks, asymmetrical lesions and tissue lesions along the spine.  


Kinesiotape is a special highly effective tape that works naturally (does not contain any chemical). We can achieve, for example, pain relief, range of motion improvement, inflammation and edema reduction by using various specific technique.  

Dinamic Yoga

Yoga practices are based on dynamic flow-type exercises, the elements are excellent for training the spine, eliminating thoracic and lumbar spine problems caused by poor posture and a lot of office work.

Pregnancy workout

 It helps to eliminate the inconveniences associated with pregnancy (low back pain, back pain, swelling of the legs), increases energy levels and creates well-being.


Aromatherapy massage

High quality oily massage with BIO PRIMAVERA oils. By massage we support the body &soul in achieving / maintaining harmony. It relieves tension from inside, enhances well-being. All of this is extremely important for maintaining our balance and self-confidence.


In order to achieve our mental and physical relaxation, a relaxation program with soft music, increasing joint range of motion and flexibility.  

Functional Training 

During functional training, we perform complex exercises that can also be found in everyday life. During workouts, the goal is to move the whole body. In such cases, mobilization, endurance improvement, strengthening, coordination, and balance improvement can be all found during that training.  


In the process, the therapist uses not only the strength of his hands but also his own weight. It can be performed with two techniques, one is manipulation, where short, fast, powerful movements are performed while keeping the surrounding joints stable. The other technique is mobilization, where slow, gentle dislocations occur, stretching the muscles and tendons. 

FDM therapy

"Fascia Distorsion Model" - FDM therapy is a highly effective therapy procedure.

Cupping massage

The cupping massage helps the tissues to regenerate by the vacuum effect, resulting in reduction of pain and improvement in function. The method sometimes can be slightly painfull and temporary discoloration of the skin may occur, but its benefits manifests immediately. 

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We are open : 

On weekdays from 8 to 20 h
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What should I bring to the physiotherapy? 

-For Musculoskeletal examination you need to bring medical papers and findings. We advise to bring a change of clothes or appear in comfortable clothing so that tight clothing does not interfere with the movement tests. Wearing a mask is mandatory! 

- For additional physiotherapy occasions, sportswear, socks and towels are recommended. No sports shoes are required. We take care of slippers, drinking water, gym mats / yoga mats and a good atmosphere.

Where can I find the physiotherapy private practice? 

-Location: Budapest 3. district., Kázmér utca 4. The physiotherapy center is located in the "L" shaped Kázmér street,  right after the hairdresser-cosmetics. TheentryisbytheValeriastreet.

Can I pay by card?

 - Currently, only cash payments are available at the physiotherapy center. Upon request, you can also arrange your account by bank pretransfer.