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Pain-free movement with physiotherapy in the comfort of your home.

We will help you say goodbye to recurring pain forever,
or just get back to your best form!

What is going to happen in  online Physiotherapy session?

We tailor movement therapy based on medical diagnosis according to individual condition and goals. For the first time, the therapist will take into account the state of health and the underlying diseases after a detailed anamnesis, so if medical records, MR or CT scans have already been prepared, send them to our email address in advance.

The main goal of physiotherapy is to restore musculoskeletal damage and dysfunction, which is used to improve the quality of life . During physiotherapy, we work to strengthen the muscles responsible for proper posture, and to stretch the muscles that are prone to tension and shortening.

We place great emphasis on mobilization (thinking about the full range of motion of the joints - thinking in fascia chains), stabilization , learning the right movement patterns to perform everyday tasks in a spine-friendly way, and finally stretching, which makes our movement harmonious and easier.

With regular and conscious exercising, you can avoid pain.
"As long as we live we move, as long as we move, we live! "

About me

My name is Melinda Balázs. I work as a physiotherapist, yoga instructor, functional movements trainer and massage therapist. Fortunately, I still feel like I'm doing my dream job. In 2019 my dream had come true. I opened my own physiotherapy studio in Budapest, Hungary. During my classes, I try to make you find joy in movement. 

In which I have the most experience:

✔️ treatment of scoliosis (Schroth therapy)

✔️ Spinal hernia treatment (McKenzie + Dorn therapy)

✔️ childbirth preparation (®FitMummy)

✔️ postpartum rehabilitation

✔️ rehabilitation after hip, knee, shoulder prosthesis

✔️ rehab after cruciate ligament injury

✔️ sports rehabilitation

✔️ frozen shoulder syndrome

✔️ incontinence + rehabilitation after gynecological surgeries

✔️ hatha yoga

✔️B-swot analysis

✔️Sport rehabilitation

✔️Functional training

I am holding private online physiotherapy sessions, and private yoga classes throughout the world in english, spanish, romanian and hungarian.

Feel free to contact me, and get back to the best of yourself with me!


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"I had quite massive pains, which are fading significantly with Melinda's help. At the beginning, I didn't even reach the grocery store, climbing the stairs was a nightmare. Since then, I can finally take small walks again with my little honey bee, called Marci . I chose the online spinal hernia treatment video program (subscription version) and I am very satisfied with the results achieved so far. I would especially like to emphasize Melinda's kindness, patience and technical preparation. I could hear and see very well in videos and during video calls."
- Virág Nagy

Yes, I want to get rid of pain, and improve my physical condition by private physiotherapy online session!


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