in Budapest

Get rid of back, neck, and lower back pain through customized physiotherapy with the help of our professional physiotherapists and massage therapists within short time.

PHYSIOTHERAPY in 3. district Budapest


What happens during physical therapy? 

We put a lot of emphasis on mobilization (thinking about the full range of motion of the joints - in fascia chains), stabilization, learning correct movement patterns, with which even everyday tasks can be carried out in a waist-friendly way, and finally on stretching, which also makes our movements more harmonious and easier. 

In addition to rehabilitation, we emphasize prevention, as well as preparation for surgery during physical therapy. Pain can be avoided with regular and conscious movement, and remember:
  "As long as we live, we move, as long as we move, we live!"

How does the consultation look like? 

We apply movement therapy based on the medical diagnosis according to the individual condition and goals.

For this the first time, after a detailed questioning (a physical examination is required before the beginning of the physical therapy session!) the therapist takes into account the health condition and underlying diseases, so if you have already prepared medical documentation, MRi or CT scans, please send them to our email address.